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Long ago, in South America, there was unlocked a secret for maintaining good health. It was found in the healing qualities of one of their native plants - the Yerba Maté tree.
The Maté beverage made from this tree was discovered to benefit health, vitality and longevity.
It has been used for centuries to boost immunity, cleanse and detoxify the blood, tone the nervous system, combat fatigue, stimulate the mind and control the appetite,
promoting overall good health.
Properly brewed, Yerba Maté makes an excellent beverage that aside from all its nutritional properties, tastes great!

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Our patented processing method

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What folks are saying...

The reason I love Tribal Trading products – it is the best green chai I’ve tasted!
The reason I love Tribal Trading products is I love the green bars. I eat one everyday for breakfast. I am telling everyone how amazing they are.
I absolutely love the Green Energy Bars! they are a perfect mix of healthy with a little sweetness and a good afternoon or morning pick me up snack. My yerba mate tea and chai are delicious and I look forward to brewing my daily cup. The reason I love Tribal Trading products is that it is lovely to know I am nourishing my body with fresh organic goodness which also tastes delicious.
The reason I love Tribal Trading energising green bar products is because firstly, their great taste which provides a healthy ‘pick me up’ fuel mid afternoon. Secondly, because you harvest your own organic greens so I know I am ingesting healthy ingredients.