Maté Flask – Hot/Cold Stainless Steel Vacuum Travel Flask


Versatile, handy, beautiful – a perfect way to have your Yerba always ready, hot or cold, when you are on the go! Perfect size to take it anywhere – work, sporting or other events, or even at the beach, walking with friend or traveling by car. Will not leak or sweat in your bag.


This gorgeous  450ml vacuum tea flask is designed to allow you to keep your yerba maté or any other tea hot (or cold). The sweat-free natural bamboo exterior is embossed with the beautiful Yerba Maté logo. The interior and the basket components are made from highest quality food grade stainless steel. Features wide drip-free mouth and leak-proof cap.

Included in your purchase:

* 450ml vacuum flask

* perforated stainless steel basket

* perforated stainless steel basket lid with a wire handle

* leak-free cap with silicone seal

For a perfect tea:

1. Simply scoop your favorite tea into the basket

2. Screw in the lid,

3. Insert the assembled basket into the mouth of the flask

4. Pour in the hot (or cold) water through the basket lid

5. Screw on the flask lid

(You can remove the basket any time by the wire handle of the basket lid)

Keeps contents cold for up to 24 hrs, hot for up to 6 hours, warm for up to 8 hrs.

You can also use it as a water bottle, and place some fruit into the basket for a pleasant flavour; or you can remove the basket altogether.


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