Maté Gourd – Natural Premium Large


Beautiful, extra-large, plant-based, hand-crafted Maté gourds. Have your Yerba the traditional way!

Premium quality and stunning design – perfect as a gift!

  • Hand-crafted in Brazil from natural plant gourds
  •  Durably laminated and set on a solid base, trimmed with stainless decorative rim
  • “Pure Natural” gourd is polished and lacquered over stunning natural gourd skin, with a natural rim

Average Size: 160mm tall, 100 mm diameter.


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Have your Yerba the traditional way!

The preparation of Maté is a simple process, consisting of filling a gourd with the tea, pouring hot, but not boiling, water over the leaves, and drinking with a straw (the bombilla), which acts as a filter  to draw only the liquid and not the Maté leaves.

The natural gourds need extra care – a leaflet with full instructions included with your purchase!

Learn more on our Blog: “Making Mate the Traditional Way


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Blue Sky, Chocolate, Emerald Smoke, Egg Shell, Pure Natural


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