Mandarin Spice – 300gm Airtight Refillable Decorative Canister


Colorful metal tin – excellent as a gift, reusable


In the Orient, the Mandarin is considered a symbol of abundance and luck, and the English introduced it (and its distant relative, the Bergamot) as an essential part in the tradition of tea. They learned from the Chinese to blend the peel of the Mandarin into their tea, giving it a special flavour.

Into this tradition, we have brought Roasted Yerba Maté, opening a new story… We invite you to benefit from the richness of each sip of Mandarin Spice. Enjoy with your choice of milk, honey or as is!

Ingredients: Organic Roasted Yerba Maté, Spearmint (leaves and stems), Cinnamon (bark), Mandarin essential oil, Cloves (buds)

Additional information

Weight 515 g
Dimensions 105 × 105 × 160 mm


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