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The natural energy that is at the heart
of the Earth's richest ecosystem
can power your day, too...

Yerba Maté Tea
Sustained, Wide-Spectrum Energy

Guaraná Seed
Intense, Slow-Release Natural Stimulant

Açaí Berry
Health-giving Antioxidants, Omega-3 and Calcium

Triple-Strength Energy Tea
Delicious, Powerful, Sustaining

What folks say about Yerba Maté...

"WAY better than coffee!"...

"Love how yerba mate skips over the jitters but still delivers a powerful energy kick"...

"I started drinking yerba mate and I love it. My favorite thing is the psychological effects. I feel alert but relaxed at the same time, a very nice feeling I've never felt before. Coffee makes me feel nervous and jittery. I can drink as much yerba as I want without feeling jittery"...

"I’ve been drinking Yerba Mate for almost a year now and I love it! I feel the difference in healthier energy and it curbs my hunger. I barely drink coffee now and even when I do drink coffee the effect is short-lived. Yerba Mate is the best!"...

"Best way i can describe the effects of yerba is a "calm focus"...

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Good to Know...


Certified to high standard...

Nothing Artificial. At all.

Natural is best...

True Fair Trade

Grown and processed by our friends
in a local community in Paraná, Brazil...

Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free

Drink with confidence...


Most frequent questions and answers

 Roasted Yerba Maté, Guarana Seed, Dehydrated Lemon, Lemongrass, Dehydrated Acai.    100%Organic, Fair-Traded

Full-bodied fresh roast beverage flavor with a hint of citrus; adding your sweetener and/or milk creates a delicious warming cuppa!

* Boosts Energy

* Relieves Stress

* Improves allertness and concentration

* Fights fatigue

* Natural anti-depressant

Tea Pot or Tea Ball
Use between 1 tsp to 1 tbsp per cup, and let steep from 1 to 5 minutes, according to taste. It is always good to wet the herb with cold water before steeping.

French Press
In an 8-cup press, use about 1/3 cups. For 3-4 cup presses, use 3-4tbsp. Moisten with cold water before adding hot water to the press. Steep for 1 to 5 minutes.

Filter Coffee Machine
Put I/4 cup of herb into the filter. Wet the herb with cold water before running the coffee machine‘s cycles.

Sun Tea (Cold-Steeped)
For iced tea, add 1/4 cup per liter to a jug or jar. Add cold water and let steep overnight (in a refrigerator or cool spot) for at least 4 hours.

Add your choice of milk and your favourite sweetner… Enjoy!

This tea a a strong stimulant. Pregnant and nursing mothers and those with a health condition are advised to exercise caution and seek a medical advise before consuming.

We use Australia Post Express Post service and will post your tea within 2 business days of receiving your order. It generally arrives in Sydney Metro on the same week and in 2 weeks interstate.

About Us

"We wish to bring you products which are made with this aspect in mind: to value the labour and toil of every man, preserving each distinct area’s traditions and regional resources, and bringing it all together in a natural way..."

Tribal Trading is run by people who value the ancient life that most modern cultures have lost with the development of modern-day conveniences.
We also give you the assurance that you are receiving a product free from exploitation of cheap labour. We deal only with suppliers who treat their workers fairly, which is much more important than the price of the product. Therefore, our customers can be sure of the environmentally friendly agriculture and processing, and fair dealings. Tribal trading and fair trade in its essence - TRIBE TO TRIBE…

Power your day - naturally...

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