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Yerba Maté versus Coffee

Ever wondered why the Yerba Maté and Coffee have different effects on your energy levels? Well, there is a BIG difference in how they are absorbed by your body! The inforgaphic below might help you understand what we mean.

Yes, the "crash and burn" of Caffeine versus the "long haul" of the good Yerba- there is a reason for it! Maté contains three different natural stimulating substances ("Xanthine Alkaloids" is the big word). They provide a "wide spectrum" stimulating effect we all Maté drinkers are so well familiar with.

Maté has many advantages over coffee. For one, Yerba Maté is thought to be alkalizing, while coffee's acidity can contribute to acid reflux symptoms and other unwanted issues.

Both Guarana and Maté are what is called “cooling stimulants,” releasing revitalizing energy to the body as tonics. They are naturally-occurring, food-source substances, with chemical similarity to caffeine, but with important and subtle differences in the way they work in the human body.

Caffeine is a short-lived excitant that is heating to the system. Good in some cases, no doubt - but, in the long run, relying on caffeine as the only stimulant is just not sustainable... while the gentle yet powerful Yerba Maté will see you through a "long haul" - when you need it most!

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