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How to brew your PERFECT cup of Maté…

There are many ways to enjoy your Yerba Maté!

If you would like to experience the Yerba the traditional way, the way of the energetic Gauchos and the wise old men of South America, read the post we wrote about it.

And – if you would like to explore all the wonderful possibilities that the “herb of gods” offers, read on…

Coffee Machine
Put I/4 cup of herb into the filter. Wet the herb with cold water before running the coffee machine‘s cycles.

Tea Pot or Tea Ball
Use between 1 tsp to 1 tbsp per cup, and let steep from 1 to 5 minutes, according to taste. It is always good to wet the herb with cold water before steeping.

French Press
In an 8-cup press, use about 1/3 cups. For 3-4 cup presses, use 3-4tbsp. Moisten with cold water before adding hot water to the press. Steep for 1 to 5 minutes.

Sun Tea (Cold-Steeped)
For iced tea, add 1/4 cup per liter to a jug or jar. Add cold water and let steep overnight (in a refrigerator or cool spot) for at least 4 hours. Sweeten and add lemon or lime.

Also, Try…
*  Adding Lime and Honey to hot or cold maté
*  Cold maté in a smoothie
*  Hot maté with milk and honey
There is so much you can do!

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