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Tribal Trading is a company run by people who wish to restore the ancient life that most modern cultures have lost with the development of modern-day conveniences. People have forgotten what it means to live a ‘tribal life’, cultivating the land, in harmony with nature and with their fellow human being. Years ago, man was bound to live off what his own hands provided, and the extra he would trade for what used to be called a ‘convenience’. Today most people don’t realize how much labour is invested to make products travel around the planet and be in their homes a few days later… It is true that we live in an unsurpassed time in history, it is not something to take for granted…
We wish to bring you products which are made with this aspect in mind, to value the labour and toil of every man, preserving each distinct area’s traditions and regional resources, and bringing it all together in a natural way. We live a life together  in community, a tribe sharing lives with one another and living a common purpose, which is far more than just trading.
We live together, work together laugh, together, struggle together. This life produces something that nothing else can … the fruit of true unity. From each place where we dwell come forth products that are not only ones of their type, but it is true that what you receive from Tribal Trading, you will not get anywhere else… For the fruit of one’s labours, the works of one’s hands come only from what is in one’s heart. Our heart is to love one another just as the Creator of this world has loved us.
We also give you the assurance that you are receiving a product free from unfair wages and exploitation of cheap labour . All of our business is done by trade that is more than fair. In our communal life all of our workers earn the same wage, the pleasure of us all living together & labouring for the same cause. We favour suppliers who treat their workers fairly, which is much more important than the price of the product.

Therefore, our customers can be sure of the environmentally friendly agriculture & processing, fair dealings. Tribal trading & fair trade in its essence TRIBE TO TRIBE…

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  1. Lynda Merzlikoff says:

    Wanting to know your shipping costs please toNSW 2430.

  2. Mary-Anne Spencer says:


    I wish to purchase 500g tin of Mate Chai. Also, please advise if your Morning Roast is a tea or coffee beans?

    How do I make payment. My postal address is PO Box 2318, Kew. VIC. 3101

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